About Us

Loving Hands Community Development Corporation was established in 2002. 

As youth development providers, we strive to:

Always enable every student to participate.
Think about the needs of the students first.
Provide a safe place for students to be at all times.
Create continuity between the regular school day and after school, keeping all stakeholders from the school involved in the after school program.
Model good leadership and enable students to become leaders themselves.
Give students the opportunity to shape the after school program to their liking.
Provide programming that will help students to succeed in college, leadership, and in life.
Provide opportunities for parents to learn new skills and hone skills previously learned.

Our Future

Increase enrollment (especially high school students)
Improve Parent Workshops
Strengthen Collaborations
Implement Volunteer Plan
Search for Additional Funding

Seek Accreditation
Move to a larger location
Provide program for parents who dropped out of high school to earn a high school diploma
Provide technology classes to parents